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Meaningful Marketing for Entrepreneurs using Video

  • Anticafé Beaubourg 79 Rue Quincampoix Paris, Île-de-France, 75003 France (map)

Meet Sophie O'Gorman, an Australian independent film maker and results coach.
Learn about creating the kinds of videos that will resonate with your fans. See how loyalty comes from authentic shared passion. So learn how to get comfortable with your inner geek and thus attract a loyal base, which will help you achieve a more consistent income. 

A lot of independent business people use video to get their message out; and often out of lack of time, money or plain old shyness, use just webcam facetime - what I call 'talking heads' type videos to do their marketing. They make the mistake of thinking that doing things quickly will communicate ease to your audience and save money. But these types of videos just end up lacking structure and don't connect with what clients really need. So money is lost out of lack of connection with your audience. Better to take the time to invest in something more exciting! 

Branding is another way to talk about communicating from your heart. A lot of social media marketing advice talks about niches, brands, target audience, clicks. SEO etc but few if any really talk about the person behind all that. Well I am also a qualified results coach and I LOVE helping people connect with their authentic quirky selves. I really want you to come out and be proud of your idiosyncratic passions that make you the go-to expert, in a field which often you overlook because it's not logically connected to your business. Tapping into this energy is what I believe helps you attract loyal clients because they resonate more strongly and passionately with your passions. Loyal clients are what help you maintain a stable income for your business because they are with you :)

Send Sophie your website info (on Facebook) and turn up on Monday to get a free video consultation with her!

Come on Monday 12 December 2016 to find out more about how you can create changes in your communication and branding that will improve your business success.

(Traduction en francais possible lors de la soiree).