Exciting opportunity in Lisbon!


Exciting opportunity for manager/business partner/franchisee in Lisbon to join a growing company – Anticafé - made of talented and visionary people!


Anticafé is a mixture of a co-working space, a classical café and your living room. Guests come here:

·       To work and to get in touch with like-minded people;

·       To hold or visit events;

·       Just to spend a moment with friends. 

The success of the Anticafé model lies on two pillars:

·       Evolution of the work market :  all over the world, the number of freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs is increasing dramatically because of a change in the economy and in the way of working. They need a flexible place like Anticafé to work and become more productive and creative.

·       The necessity to connect with the others: the more the society becomes digital, the more people become disconnected from others. However, people are essentially social animals who need social connections. Anticafé gives people a chance to meet like-minded people so that they can meet, exchange, and co-develop. 

With 12 locations in Europe and 6 on-going projects in Europe and beyond, Anticafé is the leader of the booming coffice market. The short-term objective is to open 50 Anticafé around Europe so to create a strong physical community. In this sense we launched an innovative collaborative model in 2015 and we are actively looking for local partners all over the world to create and operate Anticafés- we have received 1800 applications so far.


We have found an amazing place we will open as Anticafé and we may have also found a business partner to help us. However, the person would love to partner up with a dynamic person with the characteristics described below.


·       To become our business partner/franchisee of the Anticafé in Lisbon together with the person we have validated;

·       To make sure Anticafé perform well and achieve the objectives identified;

·       To develop a business plan for the Anticafé and to manage the administrative/finance side of the business;

·       To act as business developer so as to implement a specific development plan for Lisbon with other possible opening.

Priority skills for the job

- Smiley :)

- Experience in business development and/or finance

- Rigorous, methodical and disciplined
- Attentive to detail and always looking for excellence
- Knowing how to be proactive
- Always looking for solutions, not problems
- Very good knowledge of Portuguese (English) and Office computer tools

Added value:

- A knowledge of the food & beverages industry or the coworking industry
- Already occupied a manager position                                                           - A good knowledge of the local way of life and a good network in the city of Lisbon  

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please send your CV to t.balbo@anticafe.fr