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Anticafé continues to expand in Paris where we manage our own spaces.
If you wish to offer us a space, do not hesitate to contact us here.
Thanks to the success of our Parisian spaces, we have opened up to franchising in the rest of France in 2015. We currently have 3 franchises in Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg and are looking for future franchises in Lille and Nantes.

Our assets


An innovative concept and leader on its market which benefits from a strong reputation.


14 spaces in 6 cities.

A collaborative franchise system to foster continuous improvement of the network.


A comprehensive program of development, training and support by our team.


Ready-to-use tools and processes developed specifically for Anticafé.


Monitoring at every stage of the project:

financing, design, purchasing, operations, administration, HR, communication, marketing, etc.


Sharing a strong corporate culture based on holocracy.

Testimonials from our franchise owners

« We were immediately thrilled by the innovative concept of Anticafé. It was exactly what we were looking for. We liked the collaborative and entrepreneurial approach of the teams! »

Etienne & Simon
Anticafé Bordeaux
anticafé coworking café
anticafé coworking café

« I was particularly receptive to the Anticafé vision and culture, which are passed on to us during the franchise training. The teams are very committed. »

Anticafé Lyon


At the moment, franchising is only possible outside of Paris.
We are currently actively looking for franchises in Lille and Nantes.



Would you like to join the Anticafé adventure?

 Just contact us!