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Frequently asked questions

Any questions?

In real life? It’s very straightforward! 🙂 You go to an Anticafé, our barista gives you a card that registers your arrival time. You stay as long as you want, to enjoy the space, to work… We take care of making your favorite drinks. At the end of your stay, you give us back your card and you only pay for the time spent. The rate is €5 per hour (the first hour is due and then you pay pro rata, for example, for 1,5 hour = €7,5). At the end of the 5th hour, you automatically benefit from the day pass at €24.

So far nothing. We are patiently waiting for them to get more valuable and sell them at the best price. 🙂 More seriously, it is true that we ask you for some information, mainly your contact details. We don’t use this information against you, but for you, in order to best adapt the experience we offer to you in the different Anticafé.

First of all, you will find coffee and not just any coffee: a blend specially designed for Anticafé by the roaster Coutume. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget the lovers of hot chocolates, teas and herbal teas or dairy drinks (with vegetable milk options if you wish). We also have cold drinks (lemonade, etc.). As for food, you will find our self-service counter (sweets, breads, fruit, spreads) and snacks prepared on site by our baristas according to the time of day: muesli, raw vegetables, fruit salads, soups, etc.

Reservation or registration is not necessary to come, we will always find a spot for you! Reservation is possible in 3 cases:

  • If you are between 3 and 8 people, you can reserve a table in the common area by clicking here.
  • We also provide you with private and equipped rooms for your small meetings, they can be booked here.
  • Finally, if you think big, you can also privatize our larger rooms or our different Anticafé by following this link.

Yes, you can! It is tested and approved by more than 1000 people who, every day, come to our spaces and mostly come to work. High speed wifi, plugs, printers, drinks and snacks to boost your courage, a little music for the atmosphere, in short, we have everything you need to work efficiently.

There is no obligation to come and work at Anticafé, you can read or play board games (we have a small library / media library with free access for that), you can also come and chat with your friends over a coffee, listen to music, watch others work or come and relax between two appointments. However, our spaces are non-smoking but our outside areas are equipped with ashtrays 😉

You can privatize all or part of our Anticafé. We are used to and equipped to meet all your requests, even the craziest ones! To do so, you have to fill in this form and our awesome event team will get back to you as soon as possible!

First, thank you! 🙂 Then, to tell us about your plans for workshops open to the public, do not hesitate to contact us here, detailing your project as much as possible. To give you an idea of the workshops we host, click here.

We sometimes experience peaks in attendance but usually our teams will do everything they can to find a spot for you, even if it means sharing a table with other customers. If there is really no room left, our teams will be happy to call our other spaces so that you can get there 🙂

Indeed, we sometimes privatize our spaces to host corporate events, that is also part of our business. But we try to give priority to events in our secondary rooms so that workers and companies can enjoy our spaces at the same time. Before you come, please check on our website or on Google that we are open 😉

All our workshops are visible here and sometimes on our Facebook pages. Registration and prices are detailed on each workshop page.

We dream of having Anticafé everywhere and of gathering an inspiring community through our different locations. We are regularly looking for venues, partners or franchise owners, so don’t hesitate to write to us or fill in the form here if you are interested.

The whole story is in our Manifesto, that you can read here!