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Interview with Candice, freelance at Anticafé

Hello Candice, who are you?

Hello! My name is Candice Poitrey. I am a freelance creator/writer and I love nature, animals and hiking. During the week, I hang out at Anticafé LaFayette.

You just started a project with us, can you tell us more about it?

Of course! I have designed an interactive map that allows Parisians to reintroduce the concept of “Countryside Sunday” in their lives. The tool solves some major problems when you want to plan a hike around Paris: how to get there, how long it takes, what trails to follow and what it looks like there, beyond the ring road?

To solve all this, I first covered 550 km of trails this summer on the GR1 (using public transport to go home every night to sleep). I took video shots of each route and recorded all my tracks. Then, I spent 2 months at Anticafé LaFayette to build a website called www.randonneeautourdeparis.com and that was advertised on My Little Paris, RFI, Oui FM Morning Rock and Chilowé.


Any advice for those who wish to launch their project?

To act. Acting and Daring: there’s a time to think about your project and there’s a time when taking time to think about it becomes an excuse not to achieve it and confront it with reality. And then, dare. I noticed that only in this grey area between doubt, smile, fear and excitement does something really happen that gives a new dimension to the project.

How would you describe Anticafé? What do you find there?

Working regular hours at Anticafé LaFayette allows me to structure my freelance life, increase my productivity and create a better balance between my professional and private life. The team at Anticafé LaFayette is very cool, makes awesome double coconut lattes for me and brightens my work days. In the past few weeks, I’ve also been talking more with the other coworkers and it opened up other very exciting opportunities for me.


To visit Anticafé LaFayette, click here!