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Our newest cold drinks have arrived!

Desperate situations call for desperate remedies: with this heat, we don’t introduce one, or two, or three but four new cold drinks!


The lemonade, a summer classic!

You probably know the proverb: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, we took that saying literally at Anticafé! With summer coming, we thought you absolutely needed a refreshing little booster! And what better way to quench your thirst than with lemonade ????


Grapefruit lemonade

The grapefruit lemonade, for lovers of sour drinks! 

Of course, you will need it to accompany the sunny days of this summer! We have gathered all the essential elements: lemonade, grapefruit to fill up with vitamins and ice cubes for maximum freshness, and all prepared with care by our baristas!


Cold brew

The Cold Brew, THE solution to keep drinking coffee while also cooling off!

What if we told you that coffee is not only a hot drink? Cold Brew is a booming drink! It’s a coffee brewed in cold water for 18 hours! The result? A thirst-quenching drink, with smooth aromas and still the taste of refined coffee. As for our Anticafé blend, we are working with the Coutume roasting house on this new drink.


Iced Coconut Chocolate

The Iced Coconut Chocolate, the pleasure of a cold chocolate with the smoothness of coconut! A tasty plant-based alternative!

For those who are not going on holiday to tropical islands, we have thought of you. We have designed an iced chocolate drink with a coconut twist that will take you far away from the stress of the city! A tasty chocolate flavor mixed with the freshness of coconut and you will have everything you need to face the heat of this summer!