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5 tips to reduce waste

At Loop we are convinced that reducing our environmental impact requires simple daily actions. This is why we engage the major brands and consumers together, so that everyone can act at their own level. Here’s our selection of 5 tips to reduce waste:

Avoid single-use products

We know that single-use products are everywhere in our daily habits: packaging, plastic boxes… If you notice that your garbage cans are full after a party or a simple meal with friends, there are some tricks to solve this problem!

For work meals or picnics, the best alternative is to use reusable cutlery, plates or cups, as well as a lunch box for the children. According to the French Health and Environment Association (Asef), 4.73 billion plastic cups are thrown away every year in France and only 1% are recycled. For several years now, some bars and festivals have been using reusable cups. Websites such as Les Z’ecolonomiks or Greenweez offer some items at a low price, for example bamboo fibre plates or plant-based plastic cutlery sets.

In addition, on MaBoutiqueLoop, reusable packages for consumer products allow you to easily get rid of single-use packaging for everyday shopping.

Finally, today more and more products offer a refill system, especially for your household products, to fill the reusable bottle once it is empty. This is the case of Ecover, or Hakawerk.

Borrow, Reuse, Give

Any renovation planned? A spring cleaning? Before rushing to the nearest hardware store, think about asking around your family, friends or neighbors… Often, someone already has the tool you need. There are also apps to borrow tools from people around you (Mutum, Pretik or Allovoisins).

For broken things, think about fixing them before throwing them away. Beneficial for the planet and for your wallet, fixing an item often prevents a new purchase. There are associations all over France that offer help by lending you tools and even offering workshops to repair objects at a lower cost, such as the Repair Café, or the Réseau francilien de réemploi (REFER) in Paris.

We have all experienced this situation: realizing that we hadn’t used a tool or worn a garment for years, and getting rid of it to make room. Think of apps like Vinted or LeBoncoin, on which you can give, sell or trade what you no longer want. It will make someone else happy and give a second life to your items that are still in good condition.