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How did Havas Paris join Anticafé?

The teams of the Havas Paris advertising agency have been using the Anticafé spaces for several years now to work, meet and so on. We met Olivier, Associate Director of Havas Paris Seven, who explains the benefits of this new work method!

How do you use Anticafé in your daily life at Havas Paris?

There are different situations. Our agency is in Puteaux. At the end of an appointment in Paris, going back to Puteaux can waste a lot of time, so Anticafé is the ideal place to finish our work day. We also have internal or external workshops with clients, and being in Paris is just more convenient and stimulating. Also, if the schedule allows it, starting your day in Paris can be pretty nice. Finally, outside of work, Anticafé is simply a great way to meet up with a friend!

What are the benefits of working outside of your open-space for the teams?

Actually, we move from one open space (the agency) to another (Anticafé). But it’s not the same thing at all. Inside the agency, you have an open space that facilitates exchange, agility and reactivity. Anticafé allows us to be alone or in a team, without disturbance to focus on a subject. And this allows us to be very efficient! Moreover, working in areas open to other people creates a certain emulation, an opening to the world that is essential in a society in perpetual movement.