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Léopold, in charge of the development of the electric scooters VOI

For the past few weeks, we have been watching Léopold, a regular customer of Anticafé Bordeaux, work on the launch of VOI, a self-service electric scooter program. We were curious to know more…

Hello Léopold, who are you, where are you from?

I am in charge of the development of the VOI startup in Bordeaux. Before that I worked for 3 years in Strasbourg at Tennispro – a company specialized in the sale of tennis equipment in Europe via its website and its network of franchised stores – as a textile, paddle-tennis and sports nutrition buyer.

I wanted to be part of a project more focused on entrepreneurship and with an ecological dimension. VOI gave me the opportunity to combine the two!

Voi is a self-service scooter system, can you tell us more about it?

VOI is a very young Swedish company, created in May 2018 and established in France in December 2018, notably in Paris and Lyon. After several exchanges with the City Hall and the Bordeaux Metropolis, VOI decided to take up this new challenge. It was therefore at the beginning of May that I joined the VOI team with the aim of developing its model in Gironde.

How do you explain the craze for « Free floating »?

Free-floating addresses several urban issues:

– The electric scooter can replace your car for all your daily trips from the office to your home in the city: you save money on your gas tank, you save time by avoiding traffic jams (by using the lanes reserved for two wheels).

– It is also part of a multimodal approach, as a means of transport complementary to the existing public transport network, and replaces the metro, tramway or bus when they no longer operate (in the evening and on Sundays, for example).

– Finally, they are the result of a global awareness: we must limit the use of our cars, especially in city centres, for health and sustainable development reasons: replacing your small car with a bicycle or scooter is a way of contributing to the fight against global warming!

You come to work at Anticafé Bordeaux, what do you find there?

I was looking for a quiet and warm place where I could make phone calls and organize some meetings from time to time. I also have the chance to be welcomed and pampered by a great team, always with a smile on their faces! That’s all I needed to get my business off to a good start.

How would you describe Anticafé?

Peaceful, friendly and affordable!


More info about VOI.

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