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Interview of Anne Humbert, founder of 23heures59editions

At Anticafé, we like to make our community happy. So we contacted Anne Humbert, the founder of 23heures59editions to organize a giveaway of her Notebook for Entrepreneurship on our Instagram account. We discovered a young and original publishing house!

Hello Anne, who are you, where are you from?

Hello, my name is Anne. I worked in media (TV and web) for a long time as an artistic producer and editor-in-chief. Mainly for lifestyle and cultural shows and websites.

I decided to stop this career 3 years ago, to start my own adventure!

Can you tell us about 23h59editions?

23heures59editions is a new kind of stationery brand. All our notebooks are based on methodologies and are real pocket coaches. They are, for their happy owners, companions on the road with precise actions to be carried out over a period of a few months. Our method notebooks are based on different themes: time management, project planning, organization, entrepreneurship and this is just the beginning. I would like to create notebooks that will serve as guides in many aspects of our personal and professional lives.

What triggered your decision to embark on this new adventure?

I wanted to change professions, I had a lot of ideas, but few methods. I searched everywhere (books, websites…) to find out how I could give myself the means to achieve my ambitions and sort out all my desires. Besides, I’m a paper lover and thinking has always seemed to me much more productive and efficient when writing. My first product “The Project Notebook” (released in April 2017) is the result of this need.

What advice would you give to future project holders?

Think about your brand, your universe, your artistic direction well in advance. In particular by investing in social networks to gather a community from the start, even if the product doesn’t exist. Then, contrary to what we hear a lot: I don’t agree with the idea of quickly releasing an unfinished product.

Another piece of advice: you have to realize that you’re not going to make money for a while, so you have to accept to revise your lifestyle and be careful with your budget by not making useless investments.

Of course, know how to surround yourself and eliminate from your circle of friends all the anxious people – those who like to give advice – the frustrated ones and others. In short, sort your friends out!

Finally (and therefore to contradict everything I just said ????) listen only to yourself. You know what has to be done, you just have to not be afraid and move forward. Creating your project is a fantastic adventure and I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world.

What are the upcoming news with 23h59editions?

We have just released a to-do list notebook to stay organized on a daily basis, with very original and efficient templates. We are currently finishing the design of the Carnet du Temps co-published with Live Mentor, which is going to be incredible! Don’t hesitate to register on www.23heures59editions.fr, to follow this adventure. Finally, I’m already working on partnerships with authors and another brand. But it will be for 2020!